Friday, January 9, 2009

More Love!!

Today I am really feelin the LOVE!! Yesterday I got a package in the post from my best friend Steph. She lives in Florida with hubby, twin 1 year olds and a baby on the way. I haven't been able to see her face to face since my wedding day which was over 5 years ago. I hate being so far from her and cant wait until we are together. In my package was all sorts of goodies. More chocolate chips, vanilla extract and some bits for my boys. She also sent me 3 products from the company that she is working for. Its called Arbonne, kinda like Avon but BETTER!!!!
Below are 2 of the items that she sent me, they smell great. I love them. And I LOVE Steph!

Today I received this great package from my bloggy friend Kelly. Kelly saw my post about the things that I am really missing from New York and decided to send me a care package. I was so excited to see it in my box this morning. It was full of great stuff and I am so grateful for friends like these. Kelly also put in some cars and candy for my boys......they were hyper! She used little bags of candy corn as packaging, how cute is that?! The boys managed to eat 3 bags each before I could stop them!
Steph and Kelly thank you for caring! Love you guys.

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Chatty Kelly said...

Hooray! I'm so glad it finally got there. It took a bit longer than I thought and I was getting concerned. I hope the boys love the cars, and you ALL love the chocolate. You'll be baking choc chip cookies for a year with all the choc chips you've received in the past month! LOL!

Blessings to you! Keep working for the Lord!