Saturday, January 10, 2009

New project.

Our home really is a labor of love! As extra money comes in to us as a family (we live by faith) we use it to do bits around the house. So the latest project that is helping us to get to the clutter free life that we are striving for in 2009, is a playroom for the kids. I am so sick of having toys in rooms that they don't belong in. We decided to use this room at the bottom of our stairs that is not being used and is a mess in its own right. Today we made a start on it. We need to rip up the hideous linoleum tiles that cover the floor and re tile with tiles that we have that match the rest of the house and then we also need to strip the wallpaper and paint it a nice fresh, child friendly colour so that the kids can then move their toys in there. Simple right??!!
WRONG!!!!! what we thought was wallpaper turns out to be .............LINOLEUM TILES!!!! WHAT THE HECK????????
We just spent a good part of the day trying to remove this stuff that has been on there for about 40 years! As it is coming off it is taking half the plaster from the wall with it! And it is really sticky. So sticky in fact I got my arm stuck to the wall, as I pulled it away most of my arm hair stayed behind.....FUN! I am hoping that this wont take us too long, there was 4 of us working on it today and we got most of it down, now we need to work out how we are going to get rid of the glue.......any ideas??


Maggie May said...

oh goodness look at that! you guys are awesome to commit to that.

AndreaLeigh said...

oh dear, what a project! no advice, but wishing you lots of luck on getting this done quickly.