Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick catch up...

 Well I thought I'd share some photos from the past few weeks. Life is getting increasingly busy and we are loving it. The boys are thriving at school. Thanks to God's provision they are both now in great schools and both are loving every moment. The above photo is of Joe going to to school dressed as his favorite literary character for Literacy week.
 A new family has moved onto the farm. I met Karina over a year ago and we connected right away. About 5 weeks ago she moved into one of the cottages with her family. They have 4 children and my boys have become firm friends with them. Here is Joe and Jesse with Nemi. Nemi calls them his African brothers.
 Both of my kids are off school with chicken pox at the moment. Jesse has been hit pretty hard.
 This is our little cottage. From a distance it looks cozy. Close up however we have no hot water, walls are crumbling, bathroom is out of order, roof leaks and has terrible damp. We are praying that this year God provides us with a home that causes a little less stress ;-)  
 We have chicks coming out of our ears! They are super cute though so its ok.
I just had to share this photo of Joe in his school uniform! Now tell me how cute is this kid?

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