Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Angel in our midst.

Sometimes God throws us a curve ball and our recent curve ball came in the shape of a little bundle of joy filled cuteness. Her name is Angel and that is just what she is.
We met Angel last year and she has stayed with us on and off since then. We have had her with us for a full week and she went back to her carer yesterday. We really miss her but we KNOW that God has amazing plans for her life. We don't know what those plans are so we are just trusting Him. We know in our hearts how we feel about this little darling but it is a matter of trusting Him. Its hard for me. Its really hard. So please pray with us and for her. Pray that HIS will be done in this child's life. And please pray for my heart right now its really sore and feels like it is missing an Angel shaped piece. 

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lindsey said...

Praying for Gods will and your heart x