Friday, March 8, 2013

Totally un-related.....

This post has really no relevance to anything in particular. It is just a collection of photos from my life this week. 
First up..... I'm crocheting a queen size blanket in different hues of blue, yellow, red and green. Its taking ages but that's OK.

Secondly... We are farming big fat giant meal worms for the chickens. They are super wiggly and wormy but my girls LOVE them and go slightly nuts every time I bring the tub outside to feed them. They are the ULTIMATE chicken treat.

Thirdly... My sweet bug is still not road worthy. She sits in the yard looking very sad and every so often a cheeky chicken lays an egg in her.

Fourthly...Rosie hatched a couple of chicks. 

And finally... we have been without power for 2 days, so are back to campfire cooking. I'm hanging in there... for now!

Have a wonderful weekend. x

1 comment:

lindsey said...

Lovely blanket but not so keen on the meal worms :)