Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Fun with Cousins


Joe in Grandpa's sports car

My Grandma

Since my last post about having to leave the farm I can tell you we are still here....not sure how exactly and I dont have any more news on that subject as yet but will keep you informed .... please join with us in thanking God!

Please see update on Cindi at my other blog

We had a great time in the UK, spent time with family and having trips out which was lovely. The hole affairs have messed up my visa and I have to leave the country again in August instead of later on in the year. Please pray for funds for me to buy the flight I need to return to SA. I will onlt be there for a week but my parent will be taking me down to Devon so I can see all my grandparents who I havent seen for a few years and who are all getting on in age now.

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