Monday, June 27, 2011


This photo is of me in the Summer 2010, visiting and walking around what is now our little house here on the farm...I was praying, asking God to give us this property to rent. He answered that prayer and now we also rent another little cottage for the Project O offices.

Today we heard from the couple who rent the main house and who deal with all the other rentals on the farm to say that they have received an evictions order and everyone has to move off the farm by Friday!!!

I think most of my raders know we love living here. Please pray that we will be able to stay....Martin is trying to contact the owners of the property and appeal to them as Christians and as people in full time ministry, asking them to allow us to stay.

Please stand with us in this....we woul love to stay but above all we wantGod's will in our lives. We know we have a mighty God, one who loves, protects and provides for us.

We know we can stand firm in the knowledge of that.

Thank You!

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