Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love this woman!

This is Anna and I love this lady! So many of our orphans live with their grandmas and this is Sne's grandma. Do you remember Sne? Well let me refresh your memory. You can read her story here.
This was her hand 2 months ago......This is her hand now!!!
Anna needs a double hip replacement and spends her days bent over like this, using short walking sticks to move around. We are trying to get her a wheelchair so that she can get around easier.We are going to make her ramps around and outside the house so that she can get out into her garden. She is such a wonderful Gogo. Every time I go to see here I try to take her a bar of chocolate! She LOVES chocolate. I forgot to take some yesterday and she told me off, I felt like a little kid! She laughs and smiles all the time and this blows me away......she is in constant pain, she has lost 2 children to AIDS and the 3rd one is dying, and yet she has the joy of the Lord all over her. Please pray for Anna and her family. Please pray for her hips and for the pain that she has, and please pray for her son that I dying, that he comes to know the Lord before his time is up.


Danae said...

They are so beautiful. I'll keep them in my prayers. :)

Shannon said...

What a sweet lady! I will definitely be praying!