Monday, March 16, 2009

Put a lid on it!

We have started to put the roof on the children's home. It is going to be a thatched roof and will look stunning. The house looks kinda small here but it really isn't! This is the side view, the house is actually an oval shape and the Zulus call it a rondaval. Usually they are one story and round or oval but we decided to put a second floor on so that they can can have extra rooms. We are so excited . Cant wait until its finished and we can move Cindy's family in!


Danae said...

That is so wonderful!!! Do you have a set number of houses you are building so far? Or are you just building one at the moment and waiting?

Hayley said...

hey Vashti,

Found your blog thriugh Shannon's, and was so exicted to see her writing about something South African...and I see we read some of the same blogs.

So glad I found yours, will be back.

lindsey said...


Vashti said...

We are doing this one first. Then will start on the second one. the foundations for number 2 have already been laid. Just waiting for the funds.

Chatty Kelly said...

Congratulations!!!!!! That is just exciting. I remember the pictures from when you just had started it. :-)