Monday, January 26, 2009

Please pray for Sne.

This is Sne and she is one of the orphans that we work with. She lost both of her parents to AIDS and now lives with her disabled grandmother, her aunt and her dying uncle who is also dying from AIDS. In October 2008 Sne was playing in the bush when she fell and a thorn went into her hand. Within minutes her hand was swollen and she was in alot of pain. Her aunt took her to the hospital where they looked at her hand, they said that they could not see the thorn and sent her home with some pain medication. As the days and weeks went on her hand got worse and worse.

This is her hand today!! She went back to the hospital before Christmas and they cut her hand open and did some stuff.....we don't know what.....and stitched her back up. As you can see they did not fix the problem! It is now at the point where she can not use her hand well because of the pain.
Their family has no money, and in South Africa if you want to be taken care of properly you have to have health insurance or ALOT of money. As an organisation we tried to get health insurance for Sne so that we could get her to a good hospital to get her hand fixed. No one would insure her because she is orphaned!!!!!!!!!! What kind of country is this where a child can not get the help that she needs? It is no wonder that we are the AIDS capital of the world, the orphan capital of the world. Life expectancy in South Africa is 42....if this is the case then I have 10 years to live!!!!
What is the government doing???? Well they are spending MILLIONS of Rand of changing the names of all the streets and roads in the country! FANTASTIC!!! Nelson Mandela must be wondering what he spent all those years fighting for, all those years in prison, all those years watching comrade after comrade falling due to the apartheid regime. Was he not fighting for equality? For the poorest of the poor to be treated as the richest of the rich are treated? Was he not fighting for the rights of children like Sne and the thousands of others who are dying every day due to poor health care? And yet here we are with this little girl who can not afford to get her hand fixed. Today we are taking her to a GOOD hospital and demanding that some thing is done. Please pray for Sne and her family. Please pray that the Holy Spirit moves on the heart of the doctors that we will see today. And please pray for our government that they would get their heads out of their butts and really make a stand for their people!


Kristin said...

Hugs and blessings to Sne, her family, and you! Take care of that sweet girl.

Shannon said...

I hope she can get her hand fixed. How did it go?? I know that is breaking your heart as it is mine.

Maggie May said...

Can I send some money for her? Please email me