Friday, January 30, 2009

Who's report will you believe????

I have 3 great reports to share with you...............
First.....Sne saw the doctor at the GOOD hospital and he told us that had we not taken her she would have lost her hand!!! He was so outraged at the damage that the other hospital had done to her hand that he decided right then and there that he would operate on her hand free of charge!!!!
Here she is in the hospital. Please continue to pray for her as she has some recovery to do so that her hand gets back to full working order.

Secondly......I have a new friend called Danae. I met her though my other blog Rich Bride, Poor Bride . Danae has sent her wedding dress for the project. We started chatting and have formed a friendship. She saw my story about Amahle and how we are trying to get her into a pre-school. Danae and her hubby Steve have decided that they would like to sponsor Amahle's schooling.
We are waiting for Amahle's birth certificate to come and she will start school in February. We are all very excited!

Thirdly.........Danae and Steve also heard about how Ali needed a sponsor. Our organisation, Project O, sponsors AIDS orphans and Ali is one of our orphans. He is the youngest brother of Sindi . He did not have a Project O sponsor and Danae got hold of me and told me that they would like to sponsor Ali.........not just sponsor him the regular Project O sponsor but they wanted to pay for him to go to the same great school as his big sister!!!!!!!! He will be starting school in the next few weeks.
I am so blown away but the love and generosity of people. This week has been one act of kindness, generosity and love after another and I am so thankful.
I know that these children are also excited and thankful.
Danae and Steve thank you so much for taking the opportunity to change the lives of 2 little children.

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My ADHD Me said...

Hi. I did a quick scan of your blog and it is obvious you are doing some really awesome work. You are making a difference and are definitely a hero.

On a lighter note. Your letter is

I used that because under your interests I saw Peanut Butter. lol.

Now name 10 things that you love that begin with the letter "P"!