Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 day a week daughter.....

This is Sindi and she is now living with us for 5 days a week. Sindi and her 3 brothers lost their parents to AIDS 2 years ago and have been living with their grand-mother and great grand-mother ever since.
Before their parents passed away the children were able to go to a good English speaking school, where they were getting a decent education, however when their parents passed away the children had to move in with their grandmothers who live in a VERY rural community. The school there is very bad and the level of education incredible poor, in fact after spending time in these schools I wonder if it is even worth the children going!! its really that bad!
Sindi and 2 of her brothers now have sponsors and Sindi's sponsor is a lady from Northern Ireland called Catherine. While Catherine was here visiting she had a chance to spend time with Sindi and talked about school with her. Sindi told us how that kids in the rural school hate her because she speaks and writes English and because she wants to be a doctor when she is older.
Jealousy is a cruel thing and Sindi dreaded going to school every day because of the other children.
Catherine's heart went out to this beautiful, bright little girl and she decided to pay for Sindi to go to one of the best schools in the area!!!!!!!!
What an amazing gift to give this little girl.
Yesterday was Sindi's 1st day at school and she LOVED it!
As her home is too far from the new school Sindi is now going to be staying with us 5 days a week and going home at weekends. We are so excited to have her with us. She is one of the sweetest girls that I have ever met and I am so excited to see her grow.

Catherine thankyou so much for making this dream come true for Sindi. We love and appreciate you and cant wait for your next visit!!!!!!


AndreaLeigh said...

how awesome of you for opening your home, and how generous of catherine!

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