Friday, January 30, 2009

10 things I love.

So I'm in on a game thats being played by a number of people, what happens is I had to leave a comment on My ADHD ME'S blog and she assigned me a I have to write 10 things begining with that letter.
So here we letter is P.

1. Pasties, I'm from Cornwall, what can I say?
2. People. I love them.
3. Pansies (the flowers).
4. Peanut butter, and anything with peanut butter in!
5. Pugs. Its the squishy face.
6. Peace.
7. Pies, Apple, Plum, Blueberry.....Im not fussy!
8. Pants...Im really not a skirt/dress kinda girl.
9. Pirates.
10. Pickles.

So there you go. If you want to play send me a comment and I will send you a letter.


Danae said...

Oh, how I love pasties! I used to bite into them when they were too hot and burn my mouth walking around town. Chicken tikka!!!

Cristy said...

Okay, showing my American ignorance AGAIN, but what are Pasties?

jacqui said...

Vashti what about Pudding!

lindsey said...

and PARENTS!!!!x