Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He knows how to make His kids smile!

Some days I really believe that God just wants me know that He loves me, well He wants me to know that every day, today I think He just wanted to point it out for me in a special way. Mart and I were taking Joe to the doctors, he has a chest infection, and we were a little early, so we went to a cute little thrift shop near by to have a look around. I had 82 rand in my purse ($10ish, 5ish pounds) so I was having a look and got so excited when I saw that they had a few Denby bits and a load of Pool Pottery items. Most were over R100 but then i came across a few little bits that I could afford. (I will just have to back for the rest!) While I was in there a lady knocked a platter off a stand with her purse....it was R1000 ......oh dear!!!! Yes Mum I know you are surprised it wasn't me!!!

The sugar bowl is Denby, the little jug with the stars is Pool Pottery, and the little blue jug is from Cornwall, where I spent many summer holidays as a child.

Don't you just love this milk jug?!


lindsey said...

The green Denby with a lid is a soup dish I think, I have some but need more.......x

Vashti said...

Is it? awesome! I love it, he had another one so I might go back and get it if it is a soup bowl. You dont need any more....you have too much I think you should send some over to me!
love youxxxx