Sunday, November 23, 2008

Golf Day.........funniest day ever.

Our church, CRC Durban, has really gotten behind us as a family, a couple and as a ministry. This week they organized a golf tournament to raise money for our ministry, Project O. South Africans love golf, we however, have never, ever played!!! So imagine our amusement when Pastor Glen told us that we had to have a Project O 4 ball team together to play. I refused, so that left Mart to find 3 others to play with him. In the end we had Mart, Dave who is staying with us and volunteering with Project O, Albert who is from Zimbabwe and is one of the guys who is building our children's home, and player number 4 was Nthabiseng, she is one of our old staff members, she is now in Capetown uni studying to be an accountant.So a team of 4 who have never even stepped foot on a golf course taking on 17 other teams of people who all take golf VERY seriously!!!!

Starting at hole 10 was one of the funniest moments of my life! These guys have NEVER played golf before, therefore had no idea how to hold the club, what club to use or how to hit the ball. I must say I had to leave after taking these photos because I was getting glares from the team behind us who were getting annoyed that our guys were taking so long to tee off and annoyed that I was laughing so much. So for those of you who know who these people are I know you will get a kick out of these photos!
Nthabiseng having a practise.
Dave finding it all very amusing!

She is such a good sport and had a good laugh at herself and then at the guys as well.

Dave and Albert checking out Nthab's style!

Trying to decide who was going to go next and be humiliated!

Totally wrong direction!

HAPPY GILLMORE! He was actually taking a run up to hit the ball!

Mart lining up the ball.

Yes he is headed for the trees!!!!!


Julie said...


I haven't posted your comment because we're waiting until Christmas to tell our family :~0 However, I appreciate it and your prayers. Thanks for being vulnerable in this time of your life, God is going to honor your obedience in opening up and sharing your journey with others. People will be encouraged! You're in my prayers!

Shannon said...

That is hilarious! I love the "Happy Gilmore" picture! I bet ya'll still had fun though! :)

Vashti said...

It was too funny! Albert told me today that he has been bitten by the golfing bug! not may golf courses in Zimbabwe!

Mama2hre said...

How funny! I've never golfed either. However I might just have to try it after seeing these pictures! I'm glad ya'll had fun!