Monday, November 11, 2013


For a while now I have been battling with fighting the mundane. I know some of you will be like "What the is your life mundane?!" But for me it is a battle. A while ago in our home group we talked about the basic soul needs and what they are and what are our main ones. A light bulb came on during the course of the evening and I suddenly realized why I battle so much... I had not realized my soul needs and so they were not being fulfilled in the correct manner.

1. Significance – people want to matter and to make a difference.
2. Certainty – people seek stability and reassurance.
3. Variety – people want to be stimulated and to have choice.
4. Love – people need to experience many kinds and levels of love.
5. Connection – people seek connection with Self, Source and each other.
6. Contribution – people want to give to make things better in the world.
7. Growth – people want to learn, grow and become more of their best self.

My highest soul need is contribution and my second is variety and my third is significance. Understanding this made things so clear for me.

I have not been able to get to the Shelter and to my girls due to a lack of finances. I felt like I had been plodding on feeling like I wasn't contributing to anything ( this wasn't true, but it was how I was feeling) My life consisted of getting up, taking kids to school, going to church to work on lessons for the kids and youth, picking kids up from school, going home, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, go to bed, and repeat...... every day.....week after week....... mundane...same old same old.... no variety.... plod plod plod.... I was feeling so frustrated and stressed out. My excuse for everything was "we cant afford it".

Friends would ask us to hang out... "we cant afford it."
We weren't getting to home group cause... "we cant afford it."
I wasn't walking in my calling cause ... "we cant afford it."

Our finances are zero. We owe school fees, car payments, need groceries, have no gas in the car, so how can I possibly go all the way to the Shelter on a frequent basis and minister to those to whom HE has called me?
This past Wednesday I decided to take a day off on my own to regroup and focus on myself and my relationship with Him and ask Him what it is that He would have me do. Funny thing is I already knew the answer. I knew what He was going to tell me. I don't know why we find it so hard. Its like I needed Him to hit me over the head, kick me in the butt, get me in a head lock before I surrendered to what I already knew.
The answer was OBEDIENCE. All He was requiring of me is obedience to His calling on my life.
As I was sitting in the forest battling with this revelation, making the same old excuses as to why I cant be obedient, I get a phone call from Ronelle.
Basically God was forcing me to walk in obedience by using emotional blackmail :-) He knows me so well. He knew that if I got a call from my girls telling me that they NEED me then I would have to say "YES".
And this is exactly what Ronelle said. "I NEED you". As I was talking to her God started to speak to me. All He said was "GO". So I told Ronelle that I would come. As I'm saying this I am picturing the gas light in my car that was on, wondering how I was going to get the kids to school the next day and how I was possibly going to get all the way downtown and back home again.  It wasn't possible, and yet He was telling me to go. So I stepped out in obedience and told Ronelle that I would be there the next day to spend time with them all. I made the commitment. I stepped out in obedience.

Within 20 minutes of this step and commitment to walk in my calling He had provided gas money for me to get to Durban the next day. I will post about my trip later. For now this post is purely about obedience.

Every step of obedience takes us closer to the miracles that He has for us. Luke 11:28 says "Blessed are those who have heard the word of the Lord and obeyed it."
I had heard His voice, His word, what He was calling to to. The second I was obedient He blessed me with the finances that I needed.

Its really that simple. Obedience brings miracles, provision, blessing. It opens doors and ushers in the Kingdom of God. When we are obedient He can not help but pour out His love on us. He wants to lavish us with His provision and abundance. He is our Father and He is the Father of those to whom we are called.

What step is He asking you to take today? 


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Leah Berg said...

Bam! Right between the eyes on this one! Exactly what I needed to hear. We are in the process of adopting our first child and it's at the point now of "okay God. We KNOW we have been called to this. We KNOW you are not going to abandon us..EVER.. and FOR SURE not in the middle of this, so, ahem, about that giant check we have to write..." It's obedience to continue this journey. It's obedience to trust that He will provide. All he asks is for us to trust Him. Obedience is our love language to God. Yes! Thank you for sharing this! Man-o-man...just what I needed...