Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Proud owner of 2 6 year olds! Happy Birthday Jesse!

Today is September 12th. I was going to blog yesterday about my 9/11 experience but even 11 years later it is still too raw. So I'm blogging today instead.
Today is a VERY important day. 6 years ago on September 12th a little baby boy was born.
This little boy was born into this world in a way that was less than perfect, and yet God had a perfect plan for his life.
Jesse Benjamin, today you are 6 years old. You are my little Spider Monkey, always climbing trees, always jumping and running. Always giggling, always ready for a snuggle.
You are joy in human form.
We love you. We thank God for you. He knew before He formed you that you belonged to us and we find complete delight in you.

We love you Jika maJika, Always.
Mummy xxxx

P.S Joe is still 6 for another 6 weeks! so i have 2 6 year olds at the same time. Magical. x

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