Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Showing off.

So I'm pretty rubbish! I know that right now I should be doing a Christmas/New Year post, but I'm not! I cant find my camera cable and so therefore I can not upload and photos to the computer and therefore can not post about the festivities. I refuse to post without the relevant photos. So there it is! And here we are with yet another chicken post.....don't thankful!
This beauty is Myrtle, she is not at all tame, in fact she is quite wild but I love her anyway. I thought that she was lost. That's the problem with free-range hens, if they don't pitch up for a few days you don't really know if they have been eaten by a wild beast, sitting on eggs or stolen. Well Myrtle disappeared for a few days and when I came out to feed them the other day I found her sitting like this in the yard. All puffed up and looking quite pleased with herself.
So I asked her where she had been to which she answered by standing up to reveal these adorable little peepers.
She was pretty pleased with herself and continued on her way back into the bush with her trail of little puff balls behind her. I think she just stopped by to show off.