Monday, August 22, 2011

Holiday round up.

I have spent most of my time in the UK down in Devon. My sister and her family are down there and I really love Devon, its where I grew up. Amy lives in a small village and the day I got to them it was the village show! Lots of awesome veggies and flowers, cakes and scones.

The twins had made cupcakes to enter in the show and they came 2nd in their category. They were very proud of themselves.

This little stall was at the side of the road. It is an honesty stall. Take what you need and leave the cash in a box. This so wouldn't work in South Africa!

I love the idea of it though.

Gilby has me wrapped around his little fat pinky finger! Who could say no to those beautiful eyes? I am going to miss him so much. Cant believe he will be a year old the next time I see him.

This place had me at "Pasties sold here."

Music at the farm was a great day out. The twins love their music teacher do all the mums!! I really wish that I had Joe and Jesse with me because they would have loved every moment of it.


Maggie takes pottery very seriously.

And I got a new pair of shoes.


Divine Mrs D said...

Love it :)

Jewel said...

I often see the best in situations, but I can't imagine a place where an honesty stall WOULD work! Wow. That's great.

Cute babies! Great pictures!