Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is how my brain feels like at the moment. OVER LOADED!
We have so much going on. I still don't have Internet at the farm. We are working on it! I only get the office once a week so I have neglected my blog and facebook and emails. But I have been having lots of fun on the farm and have not been able to take photos as in our move my charger vanished! UGH! SO now I am going to Karen's and will be borrowing her camera. YEY! So this time next week I should have some new photos to put up. I know you are excited!!!
Don't you just love this log pile?! I want one. Just thought I would let you know. See you soon, with new photos! xx


Divine Mrs D said...

It's okay, Vashti! Enjoy yourself!! Lots of love to you and your family :) xxx

lindsey said...

That log pile is pretty amazing but not as amazing as the truck pile of people and bags!! Looks a bit like you lot off to church!x

BlogBaby said...

Wow, that log pile is so creative! How neat! I confess that I have been missing you and your photographs. Can't wait for you guys to get internet again. :)