Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Hand of God.

On Friday we spent the day with our friends Ben and Kristy. We were chatting about adoption and Kris was telling me how they used to go to a crisis care home and spend time cuddling babies, loving on them and praying over them and generally helping out. After talking for a bit we realised that the home that they helped out in was the same home that Jesse was staying in before we bought him home. Kristy was trying to work out if she remembered Jesse but wasn't sure so we left the conversation and a few hours later, after we had left to go to our other friends house Kristy called me in tears. All she could say at first was "I remember him".

Jesse was born on the same day as their son Myles and after we left Ben and Kris had been talking about the time they spent in the home and then remembered that our boys share the same birthday. Kristy told me that when they would go to the home there was a baby boy who had the same birthday as Myles and how she would make sure they spent extra time with that baby praying for him and snuggling him. They would take Myles with them and he would play with that baby boy.

That baby boy was Jesse!!!!!

I am so blown away that God is this good. He knows. Ben and Kris have become our closest friends here in South Africa and Myles, Joe and Jesse have become best friends. It gives me so much peace knowing that even before we were in Jesse's life God was there, working ALL things for good.

I am so thankful for Ben and Kristy. And I thank God that He loves us more than we could ever know.


sara said...

that is so cool!!! yea God!

Hannah said...

oh my goodness, what an emotional read and how flippin awesome! I love God, he's just so great. Happy Easter xxx

lindsey said...

Praise God that He has us in His hands!

Kirsty said...

Jesse is adorable! One day I plan to adopt in South Africa. Thanks for this post.

Divine Mrs D said...

That is absolutely amazing!!! I love it. :-D God is so good to us!! xxxx

cat said...

How amazing!