Friday, March 26, 2010

Button for Bella.

Hi every one. Just a quick up date on Bella. She is still on oxygen and has an infection. Her temp spiked and the doctors got a bit worried so the drained some fluid from her spine to run some tests on. Please continue to pray for Bella, Joel and Jade. Edie made me a button for Bella so PLEASE add it to your blog so that we can get as many people praying for her as possible. You can find the button on my side bar. Thank you Edie. And thank you every one of you who are praying for Bella.


Divine Mrs D said...

That is so nice they made a button for her!! Praying. xxx

Andrea said...

Already added. I got it yesterday from Edie's blog. I placed it on arise 2 write.

cat said...

Now how did I miss this on Tuesday? Please be assured of my prayers as well.

Edie said...

You're very welcome Vashti. Praying with you.

Much love!