Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She is 100% out of control.......

I got a box. A box from Danae. Danae is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love her so much! In my box was........2 pairs of TOMS shoes! I love them.
Also in my box was a whole heap of bits and bobs....most were edible! Of the edible items I loved most. See those 3 little packets together? one is open the other 2 are not....well there is a reason why only one is open and why there is only a nibble taken off the corner, wanna know what that reason is???....well those my friends are Kimchi flavored chocolates!!! OH MY LANDS.......NOT GOOD!!!!!! Now I love Kimchi....and I love chocolate....but Kimchi chocolate is one of the worst things I have EVER tasted....Danae I love you ...but really??!! KIMCHI CHOCOLATE??! So with all that said........I LOVE Danae, I LOVE my TOMS, I LOVE all my other bits and bobs.....BUT I HATE Kimchi Chocolate!
Oh and Milo says.....He loves his new bed......crazy cat!


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Divine Mrs D said...

HAHA! I'm so glad that you liked the TOMS and that they fit. :) Oh, those South Koreans and their kimchi. I, also, was not a fan. :-D

And I love you too!!! xxx

(At some point, I'm going to ask you what you want me to bring when I visit. I've started collecting things to bring in May!!!)