Monday, August 31, 2009

Tiny TOMS and a Very sorry for himself Tom Cat!

Has anyone heard of TOMS SHOES???? Well they are a shoe company that make the cutest, coolest shoes and every time you buy a pair of their shoes they automatically donate a pair to a 3rd world child who has no shoes!!! This is my kinda + kids= Awesomeness!
So have I ever told you about my amazing friend DANAE??? Yeah ok I know I talk about her ALOT......well my amazing friend DANAE sent us 9 pairs of Tiny TOMS!!! My boys and Amahle got a pair each and then the rest have gone to some of our orphans! As well as 9 other needy children some where else in the world....HOW COOL IS THAT??!! I am continuing to be amazing at Danae and Steve's generosity and love. For me this just topped off the lot. Danae knew how much I love TOMS and for her to do this she has blessed 3 groups of people....1. Me cause I love the TOMS idea. 2. The kids who are round the world getting those 9 pairs of donated Tiny TOMS and 3rdly Our kids here in South Africa, all of which needed new shoes (including my boys and Amahle).
It really doesn't take much does it. Danae I love and appreciate you more than I can put into words. I love these Bison ones they are my favorite.
LOVE these little ones. Sadly they were too small for Amahle!
Jesse's Little feet in his Tiny TOMS!
Just for those who have been wondering......My Milo is back from the vets and is doing well. Notice the shaved leg? Well he dislocated his hip and fractured his pelvis, vet says he was hit by a car for sure. But he is alive and well. Thanks for all your prayers! Now please pray that I find some money to pay the bill!!!!! YUCK!


Divine Mrs D said...

I love Jessie's little feet!! And I'm glad that Milo is okay, but now I'll say prayers for the bills!!

And I hope, hope that your box arrives soon. I'm very excited about that one :-D


HisPrincess said...


I'm visiting from Chatty Kelly's blog and I've loved reading yours.

Especially when I came over and found that you were a fellow cat lover.

I don't think we have Toms Shoes here in Australia, which is a shame. Such a fantastic idea! I will do some research and see what I can find...

Pleased to see that Milo is recovering! Praying that the Lord will provide.


Kelly Combs said...

Toms are so cute. And what a good friend.

Shannon said...

Those shoes are so cute! Toms are very popular here! :)