Monday, August 31, 2009

The Slackest Slacker in Slackville.....thats me!

SO I am 100% SLACK at the least where it comes to blogging. The reason is we have just been SO busy. And due to the busyness I now have a stack load of things to blog about! So here is the 1st and probably the biggest and awesomenest news......We have a new car! Yahhhoooooooooo! It is amazing and I love it.
Where did it come from I hear you ask.......Well......Remember Catherine? Well she is Cindy's sponsor and Catherine felt that God was telling her to help us out with a new car!!! So how much do we love Catherine??? A whole heap load! This new vehicle has been an amazing blessing to us and to the ministry. it now means that we can go out, take Cindy to school and go to the Valley without worrying that the car is going to die on us.
It is amazing and Catherine we are just so thankful. You are amazing and have been such a wonderful blessing to us as a family, our ministry and to Cindy.
We love you very much.xx


Divine Mrs D said...

YEAH! It's great to see a picture of it!! What an amazing woman to go buy you a CAR!!! :)

I've been thinking of you a lot lately and lifting you up in prayer. xxxx

Kelly Combs said...

That is a WONDERFUL vehicle. Wow, congrats!

Shannon said...

Yea!!! That is awesome Vashti! I'm so glad I saw a post from you today. :) I had been wondering where you were.

Dave said...

What a legend she is!