Monday, May 11, 2009

Debbie goes the extra mile.

Today I received 2 boxes from my good friend Debbie. She had got people together in her church and made up these boxes for our orphans. Inside were LOADS of beautiful clothes. We often get people in South Africa sending or donating clothes for our kids but the clothes that we got today were BEAUTIFUL! They were all in perfect condition and just so pretty. I gave a couple of outfits to Cindi....what is it with preteen kids?? Growing, growing, growing! She LOVED all the things that I gave her and did a bit of modeling! I cant wait to take the rest of the clothes out to some of our other orphans, I know they will be just as excited as Cindi was.
Along with the clothes Deb sent me 3 wedding gowns for our Rich Bride, Poor Bride program. They are beautiful and can just in time as I have a girl coming over this week to try on gowns to see if she can use one for her wedding! So exciting!
Deb I love you so much. Please tell the other people who sent items that we are so thankful that God put our kids on their hearts. You are such a blessing and I miss you beyond words!

My beautiful friend Debbie!
Cindi in one of the outfits.
Also loving her new hair (I did it!, might open my own salon!)
The dresses!
If you would like to get involved like Debbie and her church please drop me a line and I can give you info on how you can help, remember EVERY little helps, these kids really have nothing. If you can get some friends together and send clothes or get your youth group or cell group to sponsor one of our orphans that would be amazing and it would change a child's future.

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AndreaLeigh said...

that is so awesome! love the model. she looks super cute.