Friday, May 8, 2009

Ballet class

The boys had ballet today and us mums were able to stay and watch......VERY funny!
Warming up legs and stretching back.

Joe, Jesse and Kwazaeka doing bend and bend and jump, while saying their name...all too much for Jesse who just stood there rubbing his eyes.

Pinching Stars out of the sky......again...all too much for Jess who just sat there!

Marching....this time Jess is joining in...only because I told him that if he didn't then I wouldn't give him his new Mickey Mouse magazine! I know I'm a meany but he was playing up because I was there watching, usually he is the star pupil!!

Calm down time.

Breathe in and out!


Erin said...

Completely adorable. Back when I was an Irish dancer, it always brought me joy seeing the wee ones skip around having fun (and not doing a whole lot of actual steps, to be honest).

lindsey said...

How come Joe's shorts are so much snugger than Jesse's? Really good concentrating! x

Cristy said...

They are absolutely the cutest!!!!