Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today Hle is at work and I am looking after Amahle! Amahle is now in full time school so I don't get to see her as much as I used to and I miss her! So today I decided to have some quality time with her. She played for a couple of hours in the garden with Joe and Jesse. They were so dirty that I ended up having to give them all a bath. Her hair was such a mess. The problem with Afro hair is it is REALLY hard to care for. Hle had used relaxer on Amahle's hair and all round the sides and bottom the hair broke off, so she has lots of hair on top but none any where else, it looks crazy!!
So I gave it a good wash and condition and put detangling lotion on it. The I combed it out and blow dried and straightened it. She loved every moment of it! She sat so still, unlike Joe who wont let me near his hair!
Isn't she stunning?! And I think I did a pretty good job even if I do say so myself!


Divine Mrs D said...

She is so beautiful!! :)

Cristy said...

She is STUNNING! What an awesome job you did with her hair~