Monday, March 30, 2009

Update on Sli and Baby Joshua

Everyone thanks for praying! I was in the hospital yesterday to see Sli and she is doing good. A little sore from the C-section but other than that she is just great. Joshua is also doing fantastic. The nurses say that he is such a little fighter and is gaining weight well. They think he will be in hospital for about 1 month. They are going to let Sli leave tomorrow, she doesn't want to leave but they can not afford for her to stay in any longer. They live quite a ways from the hospital and neither Sli or Maxwell can drive so it means taking public Zulu transport to the hospital every day. This is stressing them out quite alot as it wont be cheap and it will be about 2 hours traveling a day.
So please continue to pray for them as a family. They have a 1 year old daughter called praise who also needs looking after. please Pray for stress levels to be down, for God's provision for transport fees, for fast healing of Sli, and for baby Joshua to continue to grow and gain weight, for his lungs to get nice and strong and that he will be let out before the month is up.
Thanks guys. Sli was so happy when I told her that you were all praying for her and the baby. She cant believe that a bunch of strangers would do that for her. So on behalf of Sli, Maxwell and Joshua THANKYOU!!!!!!


Divine Mrs D said...

That is beyond wonderful that he is doing better!!!

Cristy said...

Praying.... I cannot believe the comforts we take for granted here. We pray they will have help with their little girl too!

Michelle said...

These look delicious!! I've never made pasties before. I need to try. :)