Sunday, March 1, 2009

Talented Toms Family!

Its not often that I have a good boast about my family. They are the best family in the world and I am so blessed. In the Toms family there are 4 siblings. I am the oldest, then my sister Amy, my brother Ben and my youngest brother Dom.
My siblings are a very talented bunch of people! In fact I am the least talented out of the 4 of us!!
Amy is very creative and is very good at photography. Ben is a professional photographer and Dom is a fantastic worship leader and plays the guitar really well. Me......well my thing is acting but I never get a chance to use this talent any more :-(
Today I was looking through some of Ben's work and I am amazed at his talent. I love his work. Hope you enjoy it!


lindsey said...

You are also a very talented mother and speaker and minister of children and their families and wife and daughter and I am sure if I had the time I could fill comment box with lots more things that you are talented at!!xx

Shannon said...

Wow! He does have amazing talent!
You should boast on them more often.

Was your brother's name, Dom Toms? Or did you shorten them? :) That would be fun!

ben said...

LOL. Love you x