Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grasshopper or Well able????

Numbers 13.
"We felt like grasshoppers. And they looked down on us as if we were grasshoppers."
There have been so many days and moments when I have felt like one of these little guys.
I like grasshoppers but I don't want to be one!
Over the past few weeks there have been so many giants that we have had to face and sadly when facing most of them I have sounded like Moses and Aaron's spies "I'm just a grasshopper"

Today our Pastor challenged us to be more like Caleb. And say "Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it."
Easier said than done right?! But after the sermon this morning I feel empowered to stand up and say "I AM WELL ABLE!"

I know that the giants are still there and I will not ignore them and I will not run from them. I will pray and face them head on knowing that MY God is WELL ABLE to deal with these giants.

Pastor Glen also encouraged us to be positive in times of adversity. Faith declares the POWER of God in the face of a problem. Resistance crumbles in the name of Jesus.

What giants do you need to speak the name of Jesus over today? If He can move mountains then He can for sure move giants! Cause really...what is a giant compared to a mountain?

One of our "new" giants came to us yesterday. Sindi's grandmother has been diagnosed HIV+. She contracted the virus when she was nursing her 2 daughters as they were dying from AIDS. No one had told her about the precautions that she needed to take that would keep her safe. She had no idea that she was putting herself into danger, she was just doing what any loving mum would do. Take care of her daughters. In her mind they were still her babies and they needed her help. Now she is + and her CD4 (white blood cell/immunity) count is just below 200 and therefore will be considered to have full blown AIDS. We are going to try to get her life saving ARV's this week. If she passes away that will leave 6 kids with their 87 year old great-grandmother to care for them. And then...when she passes away....NO ONE! these 2 women are the only adults left in the whole family. The oldest child is 16 the youngest is Ali and he is 5.
So this is one of our "giants" what do we do?? WE FACE IT, FACE ON!

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Shannon said...

How unbelievably sad. I will be praying for the lifesaving treatment!