Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last night I watched this move for the first time.

I cried and I laughed. I LOVED it! As an adoptive mum I often think about my boys biological mothers. We have no idea who they are or why they left their babies the way that they did. Were they like Juno? A teenager who just knew that it wasn't time for her to be a mother? I cant help but wonder what their stories were. I pray for them all the time that God would give them peace. That they would know that their babies are safe and loved.

So today after watching Juno I am praying for all those women/girls who are in the position that Juno was in and I pray that God helps them to make the right decision.


Danae said...

I absolutely love this movie!! It's so sweet.

Shannon said...

Isn't that the best movie?! I love it and watch it quite often. :) She is hilarious.

Hendrick Family said...

I think this is my favorite movie of all times.

So many parts of the movie made me laugh...they made me cry...they made me appreciate life, and birth moms...

This movie is brilliant.


AndreaLeigh said...

the best line of the movie -
thanks a heap, coyote ugly.

i die!