Thursday, March 12, 2009

The difference here.........

So many of our orphans have disabilities. The main one that we come across is Cerebral Palsy. We have 8 orphans with this condition and it really breaks my heart. If these children were in a western country they would be well cared for, they would be in schools that help them to learn and grow mentally, they would be in physio to help their muscles and joints to be more limber. They would have interaction with children who are in the same situation as they are and they would have a chance at having a life.
The children here have NONE of this.
They get to lie on a mat on the floor, ignored by everyone. Not touched, not talked to, not loved.
When we go to visit these children I really struggle to fight back the tears. I get down with them and hold their hand. I talk to them in my broken Zulu and I pray for them.
How do they respond?
They laugh and smile and try to talk back to me. It really doesn't take much to make them feel special, but sadly the families of these orphans just don't get it and this breaks my heart.
We need people to come and volunteer, to come and spend time with these families and teach them how to make the child's life better. We need physiotherapists to come and teach the Grandmothers and aunts how to touch and manipulate the children's arms and legs.
CAN YOU HELP?????Sally came to visit and sat with this little one for a while, she talked to him and held his hand, look at that smile!


lindsey said...

Put this on your other blogs too, Vashti, more people will see the need and hopefully be able to respond. xx

Danae said...

Can you help without being a therapist? Is there anyway to help otherwise?

Vashti said...

Yes people can help even if they are not qualified. The kids just love to have people show that they care. Just having people come and show love and care for these children teaches the Grandmothers and aunties that are their carers. It shows them how they should be with the children in their care. The main way we can teach people is by our actions.

Shannon said...

Absolutely breaks my heart. Those children are so precious.

Cristy said...

Oh Vashti... SOMEDAY, I pray that someone is me that comes to help. I would love nothing more than to see that smile first hand. I think we have quite a long surgical road, but not counting it out yet!

I am praying for them, and love these stories so Aria and Gianna can see and pray too.

AndreaLeigh said...

oh that is so heartbreaking! i admire you for all you do to help.