Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rich Bride, Poor Bride.

Some of you may be wondering why I posted my wedding photos seeing as it was 5 years ago.....well there is reason behind my madness!
One of the beautiful women who works for our Metro Sunday school program was proposed to by her WONDERFUL boyfriend. He proposed at church in front of every one .( good job she said YES!) Following Zulu tradition Bonga will have to pay Labola. Labola is basically a dowry for his wife to be and her family. It consists of 11-16 cows, Blankets, baskets, material, house hold items, money, feasts, and pretty much anything her family asks for!!! So you can imagine how hard it is for someone who is living in poverty to be able to marry. Bonga is blessed with a job at our church and Nothando works for us , but it is still a real stress for them. Can you imagine getting engaged to the person that you love but you cant get married for years because first you have to get Labola together, then you have to save for the wedding, then you have to look at getting somewhere to live.....STRESS!!
I was praying for them that God would bless them and provide for them, when I asked God "what can I do to help?"
He answered VERY clearly....."offer her your dress to wear"!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT?????? MY beautiful wedding dress ,that I paid for ? MY wedding dress. MY wedding dress......I kept saying it over in my mind " MY wedding dress".
He spoke to me again......"is it yours?"
No it isn't its HIS I gave Him everything, MY life, MY marriage, MY kids, MY home, MY belongings.....MY WEDDING DRESS!

So this morning I went to the office wedding album in hand to talk to Nothando. She came to the office so excited to show me the ring and talk Wedding! I asked her what her ideal dress would be, bearing in mind she had never seen my wedding photos. She described my dress down to the very last bead!!!!!!!
So then I pulled out my album and showed her, she went NUTS! That's what I want!......Then that's what you shall have my friend! I told her that she could wear MY dress for HER day! There was lots of love and tears and laughter.

This then got me thinking.......... How many more brides out there who need a dress, just for the day. They do not have the money or the means to get their special dress.
Then that got me thinking again.......How many married women are out there who have a wedding dress that will never be worn again, hanging in the back of a closet, in the attic in a box, never to be worn again. Lets face it, we say we are keeping it for our daughter to wear.....be real is she really going to wear it???? Sorry to tell you but probably not! I can tell you who would love to wear it.....one of these women living in rural Africa.

So that got me thinking again.......could I some how start some kind of movement where I can get people to donate their old dresses, wedding and bridesmaid, to use here in South Africa and then I start a program where these women can come and borrow the dress for the day. Then bring it back for us to dry clean ready to be borrowed again?
It would save them stress and money.

What do you think? I am going to start "Rich Bide, Poor Bride" blog and get the ball rolling. Please add me to your page and help me to get the word out.


Chatty Kelly said...

I think your idea is good Vashti. I think people would gladly donate wedding dresses...BUT I think the problem lies in getting them to you. Shipping is very expensive and wedding dresses are typically big, bulky and heavy. Wonder if there is a way to make shipping easier?

I will gladly put a link to your new blog and idea on my blog. Let me know once you get it up!

Vashti said...

thats the hitch.....not sure if you guys have NGO shipping there. Its if it is something that is being shipped to a charity they bring the price down. They do it in the UK, I dont know about the USA.

Sweet Annabelle said...

I admire your work in S. Africa! Thank you for making the world a better place by sharing the gospel with your hands and feet! I would be interested in donating my dress - let me know if you work out the shipping issues.


alice said...

well what a great idea vashti!!!....i do have 5 unworn bridesmaids dresses that i got and then changed my mind- haven't got round to 'ebaying' them yet so could send them over if you like?.....maybe a bit soon to part with my wedding dress!!!!!!
lots and lots of love... alice x

Vashti said...

That would be amazing!!!!!!! I miss you loads. Kiss my brother for me.
Love youxxx

Suz said...

This is a lovely idea and one that could be used in every country, let me know when you are ready to tell the world and I will happily provide details on my wedding site.
All the best

Jenni said...

This is such a neat idea...I don't have a wedding dress anymore, but I will help spread the word on my blog...

Nothando is a BEAUTIFUL young woman! I pray she and her beloved get everything they need together to be married in record time!