Friday, November 28, 2008

I am also missing Metro Ministries and my special people!

Bushwick, Brooklyn was my home for nearly 6 years.

My pastor, Bill Wilson, My Hero!

My Bestfriend FOREVER, Stephanie. We watched the towers fall and then ministered with the Salvation army to the FDNY, NYPD and the other brave people who had the task of clearing the rubble.
She will be my best friend for life and I love and miss her beyond words.

Wolf. The most talented man I know! My sushi buddy, Man of God and husband and father to 5 of the most beautiful females on this planet!

Willie and Jacee. The 2 people who made me laugh and cry more than anyone else. I love you guys and the fun we had together.

Barnes and Noble, Union Square. Most of my days off involved me and a book and a Starbucks Chai latte. Hours I spent in this place.

My station.

The ministry, largest Sunday school ministry in the world.

My Kids (well 1/3 of them) that were in the kids church that I led. I miss them!

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Chatty Kelly said...

Wondering how a UK gal ended up in the USA, then off to South Africa?

Sorry you are homesick. The holidays do that.

Hope your family is doing great!