Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farm News........

I love farm life. I adore my chickens in a weird maternal way. Others think I am obsessed but I just think I really, really, really, love them......OK maybe I am obsessed! Like this guy above for instance, his name is Draco and he loves nothing more than having me carry him around. He comes to me when I call his name, when I drive in the gate, when I take food out to them. He jumps on my lap for me to scratch under his wing. I love him.

In other farm related news..... my stove has died. This is my biggest nightmares at the moment. I can deal with having no hot water in my taps, I can deal with being low on money, but not having my oven is KILLIN me! We have been cooking on a open fire for 3 weeks now, and its getting pretty old! At first it was kinda fun, like camping out. Seeing what meals I could come up with to cook on the fire, but now 3 weeks later I'm done. I want to bake. I REALLY WANT TO BAKE! I want to make pretzels, and pizza and bread. Scones, cup cakes and a big fat German chocolate cake. Its Joe's birthday next week and I want to bake him a cake. But I need a miracle to be able to afford to get my oven fixed. So please pray for that for me
We have no cash for this kind of thing at the moment. So please pray for finances to come in.

And lastly in the farm related news for the day........ I have a whole HEAP of these little guys! Going to be selling them as soon as I find some one who wants them! I have chicks coming out my ears........ it is Spring after all! PEEP PEEP!

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Divine Mrs D said...

I will pray for finances. What number should I be praying for?! xxx