Friday, May 20, 2011

In crisis mode.

Hi there everyone. Our phone line is down so no internet, thank God for my BlackBerry!!!
This post is a cry for help from my Bloggy land friends.

As most of you know we live by faith, in other words we do not take a wage for the work that we do here with the Orphans of South Africa. Some months are smoother than others and this month is not one of those smooth ones!

We are in crisis. We have been waiting for some promised funding to come in for a few weeks now. We budgeted for that financial amount and the money still has not come in.

We had a call from the vehicle financiers today saying that if we do not pay by monday they will come and repossess the vehicle. Without that truck we will have to shut down. We also use the same truck as a family vehicle. So with that done we as a family will be stuck at the farm.

Next stress is that a good chunk of money that was for our family support has not come in. We are at the point of no food, not even a loaf of bread, no gas, so not hot water, no medical coverage or school fees.

I am not coping. I have people left right and center telling me to pray, and I am. And now I am asking would you guys please also pray for us.
Please stand with us, believe for a miracle for us.

Thank you friends.
Love Vash


Divine Mrs D said...

Praying, Sunshine

Jewel said...

Praying for a miracle of God's provision.

He owns all the cattle on a 1000 hills... and He cares for YOU!