Sunday, April 17, 2011


I love Saturday mornings. Every week we get out of bed by 6am and set off to the Shongweni Farmers Market. I love it. The Durban area has a very strong Market culture, there are so many markets going on and all are very popular. The closest one to us is Shongweni. I do alot of our grocery shopping at this market as all the produce is grown locally and the cheeses and breads are all made in the Durban area. Even the beer stall, Robson's beer, is from here, in fact they are about 100 metres from our front gate (handy!).
Yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the market. The kids had muffins and pancakes for breakfast, Mart had a steak breakfast roll and I had a double shot latte! Its great family time although yesterday Cindy decided to stay in bed.......TEENAGERS!!!
As soon as I get to the market I make a bee line for the flower stall. They are so beautiful and so cheap and I'm a sucker for fresh flowers. They make me happy.

When we got home I let Luna and the peepers out for a scratch about. I have to keep a close eye on the peepers as one got eaten by Milo a couple of weeks ago! We are now down to 4 chicks and they are at the awkward stage of some adult feathers and some baby peeper fuzz. Awkward as they are Luna is still very proud of them!

I'm kind proud of my little ones too. It seems that both have decided to go into the superhero business. Jesse realizing that he does not in fact posses super hero powers has taken up the slingshot! Not too sure how I feel about this, I keep finding myself going outside to do a chicken head count.
Joe is sporting the Buzz Lightyear/gum boot/Mohawk look....pretty super heroish I do think!

Love you all. Vash x

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lindsey said...

Love the super heroes!! x