Friday, April 8, 2011

happy and sad all at the same time.

We have friends. Now you might think "So what? So do we." Well for us this is a really big deal. We have lived in South Africa for 6 years and in those 6 years we have made acquaintances, but not many true, real friends. You know the kind where we can be 100% ourselves with. Ones who we can be 100% accountable to and know that there is no judgement or condemnation when we screw up or loose faith. Ones that "get" us. They don't look at us like we are insane for doing what we do. Basically they are friends who are just as insane as us......maybe even more so cause in a few short weeks they are packing up all their worldly belongings, including 2 little munchkins and a Great Dane, and are moving to Burundi! 
Yep that's Central Africa, REAL Africa!
I'm telling you all this cause I want you to go to their blog and follow their journey. Pray for them, stand in the gap for them. This is a huge step of faith for Ben and Kristy and as they are trying to do all the last minute organization I know that the enemy is trying his hardest to freak them out and get them to change their minds. 
We love our friends. Their boys are our boys best buddies. Ben and Mart spend all their time pumping up each others faith and Kris is my safe place. I know that I can be me with her. We are going to miss them beyond words, but we are so excited to see what God is going to do with this family. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go follow them, drop them a line of encouragement. Let them know that you are praying for them. 
Thanks friends. 
Vash xx


Divine Mrs D said...

Vashti!! Are these your coffee friends? I remember you telling me that they were thinking about moving. I'm sorry that they'll be leaving, but God bless them :)

I love you! xxx

Divine Mrs D said...

This comes at an amazing time too. I thought you would appreciate this. In my Lenten study, I needed to look up fair-trade coffee. Perfect, right? :) What an amazing journey!

Val said...

I do understand what you are saying about "real" friends. There is nothing like friends that you can be yourselves. I admire you so much. I found about your little family through your Moms blog and I just love visiting you. I will pray for them as I am praying for you.

Kristy said...

thanks my friend... now you're making me cry :) love you lots.