Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wanna help us to help others?

Hi there. We have had people express a desire to help us out as a family. Many of you know the work that we do here in South Africa. For those that don't please drop by our website and have a look.

As a family we live by faith! That means that we do not take a wage from Project O but rely on donations from others. This can be quite stressful at times as some months we do not know if we will receive enough to keep going.
We have a number of faithful monthly donors that are such a blessing to us but we are looking for some more individuals, families, churches and businesses that would like to help us to continue the work that we do here with the orphans of Kwa Zulu Natal.

If you believe that this is something that you would like to commit to then please click on our donate button and send us a gift. EVERY penny counts.

To those of you who already support us as a family, we love and appreciate you very much and without you we would not be here caring for these beautiful children.

Thank you for you love and support.

Martin, Vashti, Cindy, Joe and Jesse. xx

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