Monday, December 6, 2010

Teenager love.

I ADORE this child. At the moment I am in the UK on my own! On Wednesday Cindy has her prom and I wont be there, this makes me very sad. But thankfully Karen has stepped in and has had her for the weekend, took her out shopping for a dress and all the trimmings. Then today she has had her hair done and getting her nails done. I wish I was there to do this with her. But I know that Karen is loving every moment of it!!!
Just look at the cute hair, this is the first time that we have gone with curls and I really love it.
I also LOVE the poses! She is so funny. Oh how I ADORE this child. (and those are Aunty Karen's shoes, NOT Cindy's!!!)


Divine Mrs D said...

She does look adorable!!! :) Miss you ALL! xxx

**Heidi** said...

She's is a beautiful girl!

Jewel said...

She's a beautiful young girl!