Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last week.

Last week I posted THIS. I said that when it all blew over I would share with you what has been going on. Well it has pretty much come to an end and I wanted to share the trials that we have been facing.

We have a number of staff working for us and living on our property. It took us a long time(years) to get to the point where we thought that we had a strong core group of staff that we could trust and who had a heart for the work that we do here at Project O. Sadly we were very much mistaken!

Last week I found out some thing that I had been fearing for a while but had no proof of. A handful of our staff were stealing. And have been for at least 2 years.
Finding this out really broke my heart as two of these people I really counted as part of our family and I really trusted them 100%. How wrong can one person be?

It really hurt to find out that we had been taken for a ride, and it was a convincing one at that. But what hurt WAY more than having my things stolen was the fact that the same people stole ALL of Cindy's clothes! This is what really broke my heart.
Some of you know Cindy's story but for those that do not, Cindy is one of the AIDS orphans that we support through Project O. She came to live with us a couple of years ago so that she could attend a good school and now she has become a member of our family. We love her so much and knowing that these people that she also trusted could do something like this to her kills me.

I was sharing with Danae what had happened and she and hubby Steve who are very good friends of ours and who know and love Cindy decided to send some money over so that we could go shopping for some new things for Cind! What a HUGE blessing Danae and Steve are.
Cindy and I took off today and hit the mall, BIG style. We shopped till we dropped and had so much fun.
She came away with clothes, shoes, Books, DVDs and MAKEUP!!!!! Yep that's her 1st makeup and the lady in the Mac store did her up for free, she looked adorable.

I am learning that bad things happen and when they do I need to see them for what they are and forgive. It's not easy but if you do God will bless you so much. Cindy forgave these people for taking her things and now look how cute she looks!!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers last week. We love and appreciate you guys for standing in the gap for us.


Divine Mrs D said...

Love it!!! She looks so cute :) I'm glad you guys could go shopping!! xxxxx

sara said...

So cool to see God move in that way!!! She looks great!!! And what a special time the two of you had too!!!

lindsey said...

She looks great..good shopping you two!xx

Jewel said...

Kindness is a simple but huge blessing! God bless Steve and Danae!

Maggie May said...

That is just awful Vashti. I'm so sorry :( My heart would be so sore.

Cindi looks beautiful! What a gorgeous smart face she has.