Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to the world.

Hle and Sabelo had a baby girl yesterday. Her name is Makwande, meaning "bless us more" ie, give us more babies!!! Hahaha! I was with her for much of the labor but she ended up needing a C-section and so Sabelo was the only one who was allowed to stay. I wanted to take photos of the whole labor for Hle and Sabelo but she wasn't due till the end of next week and I hadn't charged my camera! UGH! So I went in to see her just now and snapped a few pics before getting told off by the sister in charge! Welcome to the world baby Makwande!


Divine Mrs D said...

I am SO excited that you took photos!!! She is so beautiful :) So happy for them! xxx

lindsey said...

So cute, she looks pretty heavy was she? x

Stephanie said...

She's beautiful!! Tell them congratulations!