Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Faith.......

So some of you will know the situation that we are in right now others do not and for the latter I wanted to share with you what is going on in the Downs family life. The house that we live in and run Project O from has been put on the market. We do not have the money to buy it and so will have to move out when it gets sold.

This has been a little bit stressful for us as a family. We are still living by faith and on the kind donations of family and friends. We have not had to pay rent for this home and this has been a HUGE blessing for us. Now we are looking to move out and we are wondering where the rent money is going to come from. At the moment we just get by on the funding that we have, when we move out and rent some where we will have to find the money to cover our rent.

We know that God has it all under control and He has put a place on our hearts to move into. We found this farm last year and it has been on the market for years. There is a main farm house and 5 cottages, along with many out buildings and workshops. At the moment there are a few people living on the property, renting the main house and some of the cottages. We are planning on renting the biggest of the cottages for our family.
It is an amazing property and we would really love to buy it for the ministry and for us as a family.

The main reason why we want to live somewhere like this is so that we have space as a family. So far we have been living in the same building as the Project O offices and in the same building as all our visitors and volunteers. This really takes a toll on us as a couple and as a family.

We NEED our own space, I NEED my own space. If we went to the farm we would have that much needed space.

Our hearts are really at peace about this farm and we know that God is doing something in all of this. I want to move right now, this instant! I am in love with the place. I feel the peace of God there. It feels right. When my parents were over we took them there and they said they felt the same, that was really encouraging for us.

At the moment to only thing that is stopping us from moving into the cottage is the lack of funds. We need about 500 UK pounds a month to cover the rent and bills. We just don't have that income right now.

So in this post what I am asking is that you join us in prayer. That if this is God's will for our family then He will provide us with the money to make this much needed move.
I have added a few photos to give you an idea of the place. Our cottage will need some work but that excites me! Weird I know!

Please join your faith with ours. Thank you. x

This is our cottage. The back door leading on to the kitchen.

This is the front door.

Part of our garden, there are Pine trees everywhere, that makes me happy.
The view up the driveway.
The view from the main house.


lindsey said...

With you all the way! x

Divine Mrs D said...

So beautiful, Vashti! I hope God works it out about...oh...NOW! xxxx