Friday, May 14, 2010

Dragging myself out of the funk.

So I am still in a funk but have decided to drag myself out!! This week our visas ran out.....NOT GOOD! We went to Mozambique to get them renewed but they only gave us 7 days, our flights are in September! UGH! So we went to Home Affairs this week to beg them to extend our visas. Our very good friends Ben and Kristy also needed to go, they are going to the States and need a visa for their baby. So we made a date of it. We all met up at Home Affairs and hung out for a bit. They sat and prayed for favor for us. Well the supervisor gave us an extra month and then we have to fly out of the country. Also NOT GOOD, but at least better than 7 days!
So now we have a few weeks to work out how to leave the country and where to go.
What we really want to do is fly to Florida and go see my BF Steph. That way Mart gets to go and complete his sky dive qualification and I can spend some MUCH needed time with Steph and her family. I also want to take the kids to Disney.
The only problem with this plan is that we have NO money.....hummmm....BIG problem.
Please pray for this for us. We have to leave the country in 30 days, no questions asked. We just need the money. Please pray for God's provision.
Thank you.x

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Stephanie said...

Yes! Please, please, please!!