Friday, March 12, 2010

Wildest Things of all......

I have the BEST Mum in the world! And that's a fact! Our favorite book at the moment is Where The Wild Things Are.
This is Max, he is the main character in the book and he wears a wolf suit.
Today I went to the post office and look what I found!!!! Wolf suits, made by my mum for my boys!!!
We went out to eat tonight with some friends and the boys HAD to wear their suits. Bear in mind we live in Africa, and it is summer! It was 27 degrees tonight! SWEATY!

Thanks Grandma!!!!


FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Those wolf suits are so cool! That's awesome of your mom to make and send them for your boys!

cat said...

Oh my, but your mom is so cool. These are adorable. It used to be my favorite book as a child.

Stephanie said...

Lindsey you are amazing!