Thursday, March 18, 2010

We need help.

Hiya! So we are needing your help. We are in South Africa on holiday visas...still! And Mart has all his paperwork ready for his residency, only problem is we need 1,200 pounds to put the application in. We are looking for sponsors for this. At the moment it is only Mart that we need it for but in the next few weeks we will need the same for me also. we REALLY need to get this sorted as every time we leave the country we panic that they wont let us back in again!!!
If you feel that you can help please let me know, even your prayers for this are much appreciated.
Thanks Guys.


lindsey said...

Vash, put this on your other blog too cos thats the one I send out to people xx

Maggie May said...

I wish I could help financially, You definitely have my prayers.

Divine Mrs D said...

Have you heard from anyone yet? Do you have any sponsors? xx