Thursday, March 4, 2010

A requested post.....

I have a friend called Cristy and she Facebooked me the other day asking me to do a post . She wanted a list of things that we need and things that we need prayers for. Last year Cristy sent me a care package full of things that I miss from New York. And it was such a blessing. So Cristy this post is for you...............

Ministry prayer and needs.......
1. Money! I know it isn't very exciting but with out it we can not feed and educate these orphans, or pay our staff. So that is why it is number one. Things are really tight at the moment due to the economy many people stopped sponsoring orphans last year and this really affected the income of Project O. So please pray for this for us or if you can afford it please sponsor one of our many orphans.

2. Favor in the community. So far things have been amazing in the community that we are working in. But with the new home up and ready for kids to move in there has been some talk of jealousy. People have a hard time seeing others moving forward and being blessed when they are not. Jealousy is a MAJOR issue in our community, to the point of people being physically hurt for their belongings. Please pray that we move the right family into the home and that there would be support from those in the community who have had issues in the past.

3. We are in the process of having plans drawn up for a school in the community. I cant say much more than that at the moment but please pray that God takes these plans and really makes it His project. And that we convince the Chief that this is the way forward, and that the funding comes in to do it.

4. For finances for a home for our family.
5. For our staff. Protection, strength, health (that's a biggy at the moment), Focus and fiances.

6. Vehicles. We REALLY need reliable 4x4 vehicles. Many of our kids live out in the boonies, across rivers and up mountains, to get to them we need 4x4 vehicles. Ones that are not 30 years old!!!

7. Children's clothes, we REALLY need clothes for the orphans. So many of them have nothing and it breaks my heart to see beautiful little girls wearing their older brothers tatty hand-me-downs.

8. Bras....yes I said bras! I know its weird, but we really need them. All different sizes are needed, training bras, nursing bras, old lady bras, we need them all. Most of our teen girls do not have a bra, and believe me they NEED them! I had never seen so many boobs in my life until I moved to South Africa!!!!! So please if you have any send them over!!!!
So next list is for our family......
1. Finances. Mart and I do not earn a wage. We live by faith! We have a few family members and friends who support us monthly and with out them we would not be able to do what we do. Now that the kids are in school things are alot tighter. We have to pay school fees over here, there is no such thing as free education. We also have to pay for health care, there is no NHS like in the UK. And the health care here is SO expensive. We have had no health coverage for a number of months now as we could not afford it, this scares me as last year Joseph ended up in hospital for 10 days. Thankfully we had coverage back then but if it happened again I am not sure what would happen. Please pray for us as a family that God continues to provide for all our needs.

2. For a home for us as a family. At the moment we are living at the Project O base. This is OK but we are at a point where we need our own home. God has put a place on our hearts but we have to trust Him for the money to buy it, please join us in pray for this home.

3. We want to expand our family this year, please pray for that for us ;-)

4. For a family car. We are still using Project O's vehicle to get around, this is not ideal and really need a family car.

5. For Mart and I to continue to grow strong together, I LOVE that our relationship is going from strength to strength, I am excited about us as a couple and what God is going to do with us.

Ok so personal........this list is not going to be deep and meaningful, it is going to be Vashti's list of things that she misses and wishes she could get here but cant we go......
1. Anything from Bath and Body works....seriously I love it all.

2. Chocolate chips, all kinds.

3. Good British teabags! Mum those Marks and Spenser ones you sent ROCKED!

4. Baking supplies, cupcake cases, baking tins, food coloring anything along those lines.

5. Good books. Books here are SO SO SO expensive. ( I am quite happy to have pre-read ones!!)

6. Kids books. My boys LOVE to read.

7. Coffee Mate.Can only get regular creamer here...I NEED the flavored ones ;-)

8. Pretty much anything that is truly American that can not be gotten anywhere else. (great grammar!)

So I think that just about covers it.....Cristy I bet you now wish that you hadnt asked!!!!


Divine Mrs D said...

I'm glad she asked!! I wanted to know too :) xxx

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Divine Mrs D said...

P.S. I have food coloring for you. I bought you those electric colors and I'm going to bring them with in May! xxx

ham1299 said...

So, if someone had kids' clothes to get rid of and wanted to donate it, how would one go about doing so?

Vashti said...

If you want to donate clothes you can send them to Project O
PO box 2082
South Africa


ham1299 said...

Thank you, Vashti! :-)

ham1299 said...

Next question: Is it just summery clothes, or are long pants/long sleeves needed, too?

Vashti said...

All clothes would be great, it does get quite chilly here in the winter, which is june-september.
Thankyou so much for your interest.

ham1299 said...

Well, then, I will just send what my youngest is outgrowing! :-)

cat said...

Vasthi - prayers from my side. I also have so very good quality used breastfeeding bras and I will keep kiddies clothes in future - just gave some away.

We are heading to the South Coast at the end of the month, maybe I can leave stuff somewhere? I'll email later.

Kirsty said...

SJOE! But you have a beautiful family.
I'd love to send some things - I have some bras that I either outgrew or that need a little mending - and would love to send you some tea!! If I send a package to Vashti c/o project O will it get to you? If not, email me or comment on my page somewhere :)

Hannah said...

i better get shopping! xxx

Kirsty said...

I'm sending you a package!!