Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I do love my friend.

I've got a friend called Danae....that's her up there. Cute right?! Well Danae and I have never met in person! We met through my blog and its weird I know but she has become one of my best friends. She is married to Steve and they are coming for a visit in May, and Mart and I cant wait!!!!
Danae and Steve have become 2 of our best cheerleaders and supporters of the work that we are doing here in South Africa. And this past Sunday (Valentine's Day) Danae held a Valentine's Day luncheon at her church in NYC. She was raising money for Project O, $500 to be exact!!!!! FANTASTIC! All that money from a lunch! $500 will go so far here in South Africa. What a great blessing.

Danae is bit of a cupcake nut...even more than I am! And she made these adorable cupcakes to sell. They look yummy. (and yes Danae your frosting skills are getting good! ;-) )Getting tables ready.
I love this photo. I would really like to go see her church, the building looks so old and very beautiful, like so many of the buildings in Manhattan....oh how I miss NYC!
Danae thank you for doing this for the orphans of South Africa. I love and appreciate you so much and I cant wait for you to get here.


cat said...

What a blessing. I hope they will enjoy their visit here.

Divine Mrs D said...

Thank you so much, Vashti :) I can't wait to come see you!!! xxx

Consume me... said...

Right on two accounts...both the church AND your new friend are beautiful!

Christine Chitnis said...

How amazing that your new friend is going to visit you all the way in South Africa...that is the sign of a true friend! I hope you two have an incredible time together!

Just Breathe said...

I think that is fantastic. How wonderful to make a best friend.
Have a great time when they visit.