Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friends Forever!


Hannah said...


Andrea said...

Precious babies....they are totally adorable! Wish I could reach through the computer and hug and kiss on them. That is the grandmother in me.
Blessings, andrea

Annie said...

adorable children! thanks for your comment on my blog...I look forward to following yours now, too :)

Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

Hi! It is great to make a new blog friend! Thanks for visiting ours, and I too look forward to following yours!

Cute,cute kids!

Good wishes!

Judd Corizan said...

Hi Vashti-
I'm Judd Corizan from the meme Sunday Stealing. ( I thought I'd take the time to invite you and all Random Dozen players to join us this and every Sunday. We have a group of great players who participate. We usually post by 3PM Eastern time on Saturdays.


Maggie May said...

that bottom picture simply must be blown up and framed!!!!

John said...

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